Unas páginas del “Diario de la campaña…”

Agost 15, 2011

(Grafito y acuarela en papel). Aquí hay un par de páginas del “Diario…”, correspondientes al auxilio prestado al buque “Ocean Nova”, encallado frente a la base argentina de Bahía Margarita (Península Antártica); una foca leopardo en el “pack”, y unos magníficos icebergs.

(Grafit i acuarel.la en paper). Aqui hi ha un parell de pàgines del “Diario…”, corresponents a l’auxili portat al vaixell “Ocean Nova”, avarat davant la base argentina de Bahia Margarita (península Antàrtica); una foca lleopard al “pack”, i uns gels magnífics.

(Graphite and watercolour). Here there are a couple of pages of the “Diario…” corresponding to the rescue of the “Ocean Nova”, gone to the rocks in front of the Argentinian base in Bahia Margarita (Antactic peninsula); a leopard seal in the pack, and magnifcent icebergs.


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  1. Dear Miguel
    A colleague shared this wonderful collection of artwork with me. My field of study is plankton ecology but I share your passion for observing and documenting the flora and fauna of this beautiful earth! Wonderful writing and illustrations – thank you.

    Most sincere regards from the Mediterranean Gulf of Naples, Italy!

    • Thanks for your comments. Pity I have not time enough to post more of my little drawings.

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